by Connie Weinhold

Moving forward - for the first time

it starts all over again. Reorientation, moving oder emigrating, a lot of NEW challenges. Finding a new home, a new car, learning a new language, a new culture... On one hand that is fascinating and on the other hand challenging. But what's life without challenges? It makes it thrilling!

Here are a few totally NEW experiences for us:

Culture & Life:

1. time: Luthero – Martin Luther Musical in Spanish,  1. time in PY & for us: SPECIAL!!!
1. time: CFA – Christmas musical by Charles Dickens, 1. time in Spanish & for us: AMAZING!!
1. time: Cedula –  our 1. ID –  Now we can buy a car/house: HALLELUJA!!!  
1. time: Permanent Visa – New - Now we can ALWAYS live here: WOW!!!
1. time: First ever Flash Mob in PY and WE were part of it!!! TOP OF THE WORLD!!!
FB see:
1. time: First Bank Account opened in PY – SUPER!!!
1. time: Taking the Bus in Asuncion – ADVENTUROUS!!!
1. time: Spanish-Lessons – now we have a Spanish teacher – MOVING AHEAD!!!

Adelente - Moving forward! There's a special charme, when one starts NEW. Christmas we spent with our new family, Pastor Hermann and his family. It was truly beautiful. Christmas Eve Service we met a lot of kind and loving German people, that even invited us to their home for BBQ with friends.

At the Christmas Concert, see Video in last blog, we met an extraordinary Pianist and her husband, from Venezuela, who became friends with us. Together we had Pizza on the Terasse of Almacen de Pizza! Recommended by Bo, Westfalenhaus. Yes, that's a hot place! In Shopping Galaria – an estounding meeting place with a grandious Ambiente.

Our tours in the last weeks have been to San Bernadino, Altos and the legendary visit at the „Jardin Alemagne“ Guesthaus to the  Spessart – Watch the Videos!!!

We are thankful for the many new contacts, it is a gift! We experience a lot of suppport, where our new friends accompany us to the bank, office, cell provider etc. etc. Without that, it would be hard, but this way its positively moving forward.

TIPS & TRICKS for every day:

  • Water – ALWAYS  have it with you, please ONLY from bottles oder filtered drinking water, they are delivered to your home in all of Paraguay.
  • Clothes from cotton, as it gets very hot here, it feels good on your skin.
  • Cosmetics bring it along – there's lots of choices, but maybe not what you like
  • Moscitospray –  ALWAYS carry it with you, but you can buy it here. At 5 pm it can be a great advantage to wear long pants to be protected from insect bites!!!
  • Hat & Sun glasses – very helpful.
  • Good Shoes & Sandals – for every situation. For longer walks, you need good Shoes. On short trips or for Shopping, sandals are great.


IMPORTANT - INTERNET – IMPORTANT When you, like us, need the internet, you need to know exaclty where you want to live; whether you rent or buy, there has to be a firm internet connection. Most Hotels are ok, especially in Asuncion. But do consider that. Of course that goes for your cell.  We use the service Personal,  U$30 monthly; it has „unlimited minutes and Internet, can be cancelled at any time. But the best connection in Paraguay is Tigo und Claro. (see also In any case, bring all personal devices and add ons such as external hard drive, cables... You can buy just about anthing here, but it might be more expensive.

From A-Z all about Paraguay:  This GERMAN page is really well researched. Whether you're looking for Cedula, Moscito repellant or pension. I can HIGHLY recommend it!!! (see picture in German)

Yes that's what it's all about, it has to move forward - adelente. Into the right direction. It's becoming more and more a confirmation for us to have taken the right step to come here. Now follows the next step, buy a car, find a home for us... Even exploring the country and the culture is a treat! Again you will view our pictures and videos as we are on the hotel Dazzler Rooftop, visitng San Bernadine and Altos and what we experiened. Thanks for the many requests for more information, we love to stay in personal touch with you.

Connie and Florian

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Breath taking Dance at Christmas Musical CFA 2017
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