by Connie Weinhold

Why is Paraguay interesting for Germans?

My blog serves as a tool to give people hope that there can be a new homestead and show them the appeal of PY. But the shock and the disappointment we see in people we meet here, leads me to take a stand. All of us would love a life in peace, but what if that itself is being threatened?

Listen for yourself to Hans-Werner-Sinn, IFO President, Institut for Economic Research

Every refugee costs €450000 for Germany
We won't make it

Paraguay is an alternative to build a new life, even though it is a developoing country. At the same time, it's a possibility for us to be involved in this development. I see that as a chance and a responsibility to be part of furthering this economy and its culture.

No matter where you live, there are always things that can be improved. Take a look at the Guarani Indians, I've shared about that before: On the way to the Jesuite Ruins. That's truly interesting. Because of the Spaniards, many Jesuits came to PY, who built monasteries and especially helped and trained them.

The History of the Jesuites was highly interesting. On the picture you can see where they traveled to and where they built monasteries. Unfortunately there was a very sad ending since many Jesuites, see top right, were cruicified. The Portuguese chased them away and many Indians were killed, that's why today, we only have 10% of the Guarani left. It's well worth to visit the ruins and to learn from history.

To live in peace is the desire of mankind, but it is not a privilege. Here we still have peace,  have the possibility to live in freedom.  That's what I would like to show in my blog, that there is a sort of refuge. Of course, here are rascals and people looking for their own advantage, that's like everywhere else. We experienced a lot of help and support since we are here.

This month we are in the Hotel Portal del Sol, since next week we will be on the Community Trip with Thorsten Wittmann. We met him in Germany at a seminar „Secrets of the UltraRich,“ which opened our eyes for a lot of of opacities about the finance world. He's an international Finance-author, who is constantly searching out reputable investment possibilites. His following is by 40,000 people. In his seminar in Offenbach in April 2017, we exclusively heard about the advantages of PY.

What are the advantages?

  1. German people are respected
  2. You can get a permanent visa, without the obligation to live here.
  3. Living Costs are less expensive (you can get German bread and food!)
  4. Taxes are 10% instead of how much? In Germany. When you earn your money outside of PY, you are not taxed here.
  5. There are already 60,000 Germans here, the Mennoite-colonies are very successful.
  6. The Paraguayans are very friendly and helpful!
  7. Community with like-minded people, who wants that!

We went to San Bernadiono with an interesting visit to a property with lake view. That might be a possibility for a senior residence? We went to the charming Hotel Cerrito, a former Franziscan Monastery in dream-like area. It's a Hotel and at the same time a place for agricultural studies for the young Paraguayan.
We are looking for an appartment and a car... going adelante. We can't wait to go on the Community Trip starting Feb 17th and I will share the highlights of this trip. Next time I will give you more insight about the history of the Mennonites here in PY!

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Next time, there will be even more interesting news!

We remain yours faithfully,


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